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TARANTULA CRIBS - Large Terrestrial Cuboid

TARANTULA CRIBS - Large Terrestrial Cuboid

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Contemporary Dimensions: Measuring a generous 14" x 10" x 8", it offers ample space for your tarantulas to thrive.

Sleek and Minimalist: Our Cuboid line is celebrated for its minimalist design with flat edges, ensuring it effortlessly complements any modern interior.

Unmatched Clarity: Crafted with the highest quality acrylic, this enclosure provides a crystal clear view, allowing you to observe your cherished tarantulas in all their glory. 

The Large Cuboid is not just an enclosure; it's a statement piece that caters to both the needs of your tarantulas and your aesthetic preferences:

Optimal Space: Despite its chic dimensions, this enclosure offers an abundance of room for your beloved arachnids to thrive and create their own private paradise.

 Crystal Clear Vision: The clarity of the acrylic allows you to marvel at the intricacies of your tarantula's world without distortion.

Aesthetic Perfection: The minimalist, sleek design of the Large Cuboid harmonizes with your contemporary decor, making it a stylish addition to any room.

 Natural Environment: Create an environment that mimics the natural habitat of your tarantulas, promoting their health and happiness.

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